David Hollyoak
8 Hyde Road , Flemington, New Jersey, United States 08822
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Vice President of Engineering - COO

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Core Competencies and Achievements include:

Business Process Management:

  • VSAT Equipment
  • Cellular Location Using TDOA and GPS
  • Voice over Cable
  • DOCSIS Cable Modems
  • Routing
  • Network Management
  • Frame Relay
  • Analog Modems
  • T1/E1 Multiplexors
  • ATM Switches
  • Class 4&5 Digital Telephone Switches
  • Echo Cancellor

Operations and Business Integration:

  • P&L Management
  • Managing & Developing Teams
  • Organization Maturation
  • Staffing, Employee Development
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Customer Service

Product Development:

  • System Requirements
  • Communication Equipment Architectures
  • Hardware & Software Tradeoffs
  • ASIC Definition
  • Documentation Process
  • Release Process
  • Integration / Testing
  • Verification & Validation Testing
  • Project Management

Business Strategy:

  • Financial Strategies
  • Market Definition
  • Product & Resource Planning
  • Sales Structures
  • Revenue Generation
  • Business Growth & Development


MSEE from University of California.

BSEE from Purdue University.
United States Patent
Unique design of a means of commercial processors.
United States Patent II
Unique design of a means of commercial processors continued.


Technology Company - Belfast, PA (2006-2008)
A $600M Satellite company with 170 employees.

Excel Position - King of Prussia, PA (2002-2005)
A startup company that produced location systems fot GPS Units.

Previous Positions
VICE PRESIDENT OF ENGINEERING positions (1983 - 1996)
following companies:
Racal Datacom, General DataComm, Timeplex, and Comsat TeleSystems