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It's Time to Supercharge your Resume!

Resumes normally get less than a 15-second glance at the first screening; will your resume get you past this first hurdle? In today's competitive job market, a well-written and laid out resume is the single most important factor in getting your foot in the door and on your way to landing the perfect position.

How do you get your resume viewed ahead of everyone else's? By Supercharging it and turning it in to a Web Portfolio. Think about it, we live in an on-line always available world, and yet we deliver resumes that look like they've been produced on a typewriter. And Yes; we understand that certain job application process require word or text documents, which is why our On-line Resume Builder produces your resume on-line in Web (HTML), PDF, DOC and TXT formats and make them available to you and your prospective employees on-line for viewing and download. We also provide an accompanying cover letter to enhance your web portfolio and resume. You may also password protect to your web portfolio if you require additional security.


Imagine sending your resume and cover letter to your prospective employee and including a link to your online Web Portfolio, which will

  • Demonstrate your background and expertise with powerful graphics and presentation.
  • Distinguishes you from competition. You went the extra mile!
  • Strengthens phone interviewing, increasing your ability to get interviews.
  • Enhances live interviewing, and demonstrates technology savvy.
  • Elevates a person's credibility and value, with a compelling presentation.
  • It is much more effective & professional than a traditional resume.

Simple and Easy to Use

Unlimited Resumes
Manage, track and refine as many resumes as you need.

Professional Resume Templates
The WebResumePlace Resume Template Library is always growing.

Direct Employer Contact Forms
Allow interested employers to contact you directly through your resume.

Personal Resume Web Address
Get your very own online resume address, for free.

Built-in Text Editor
Copy and paste from your favorite word processor.


Preview Your Resume As-You-Go
Make sure your resume looks correct every step of the way!

Fully Customizable Section Headings
You have complete control over the look of your resume.

Auto-Conversion to Word, PDF and TXT
Enter your information once and publish it in multiple formats.

Easy-to-Follow Resume Writing Tips
WebResumePlace guides you through every step of the writing process.

1-Click Resume Duplication
Easily duplicate your resume and information with one click.



Professional Resume Writing

If you would like to go one step further and have your resume/web portfolio professionally written, we have a team of experienced resume writers that will assist you in the process and turn a standard resume in to an impressive and professional career history.

If you have attempted to write your own resume, you can attest to the fact that resume writing isn't as easy as it looks. Professional resume writing is a skill that takes practice, specialized knowledge, business sense, and strong writing ability.

This is precisely the reason we have Nationally Certified Resume Writers writing all professional resumes. The certification acts as your "security blanket" in knowing that you have access to a professional resume writer who can help present your skills to best advantage.


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